Personal Coaching for Life & Career Transitions in the Bretagne

Life-Transition Counseling in France is personal coaching for life and career transitions, focusing on personal development and taking place in the North of Bretagne, in Plouézec.
In a culturally sensitive way, my coaching offers you assistance with (re-)discovering your personal strengths and needs, and making use of them to successfully tackle your life transition.

Process of Personal Coaching in France

Life-Transition Counseling in France takes place during personal meetings in a suitable atmosphere that allows a break from the usual everyday life situation. During your personal coaching session and according to your individual needs, I will refer to a combination of techniques such as mediation techniques (empathic/reflective listening, clarifying, open-ended questions), nonviolent communication, personality typologies based on Carl G. Jung, imagination exercises, simulation exercises and poetry therapy.

First “Getting to know” Meeting

Since coaching always requires a relationship of trust between client and coach, we will first arrange a free phone or video call about 20 min.
This will give both of us the opportunity to find out if my Personal Coaching is what you need, and you can ask me any questions that you might have about me and my approach.

To arrange a Fundamental Counseling session, we either can already schedule an appointment during the first call, or you can still take your time and come back to me as soon as you feel ready for it.

I. Fundamental Counseling:
Discover Your Hidden Strengths

Life-Transition Counseling in France starts always with Fundamental Counseling, since this intense session focuses on detecting and rediscovering your hidden strengths. It allows you to get new perspectives on your current situation and supports you in unlocking new potentials.

This is usually achievable in one Fundamental Counseling session of 1h 30 min for 75 Euros, all taxes included.

II. Advanced Counseling:
Develop Your Strengths

If you would like to continue with my personal development coaching, you will have the opportunity to do so and deepen your discoveries during Advanced Counseling session(s) .
Here we work together towards enabling you to reaccess your strengths by yourself at any time and to apply them in concrete life situations. Moreover, these sessions allow you to reassess your newly gained experiences and to get answers to questions that might arise.

An Advanced Counseling session is 60 min for 50 Euros, all taxes included. Double sessions or Triple sessions can also be booked, if wished.

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As certified mediator, I have committed myself to treating any information confidential. Only if you feel like involving a loved one would help you, we could do a personal coaching session together with her or him. But usually the sessions take place one on one.