My Background as Life-Transition Counselor


I am a socio-cultural anthropologist and certified mediator, and  I have been assisting my clients with addressing their conflicts since 2014 as life-transition counselor. 

Because I wanted to get a deeper understanding of the cultural influences on human beliefs and behavior, I studied socio-cultural anthropology & comparative religion, and graduated with a doctorate.

Afterwards I did an 1,5-year-education as a certified mediator. Thereby I’ve attained a wide repertoire of techniques and skills  that now allow me as life-transition counselor to professionally assist my clients tackling conflicts in diverse areas of life in an solution-oriented way. 

My intense study of personality typologies based on Carl G. Jung enables me to offer my clients assistance with making use of their individual set of cognitive functions.

I gladly assist anyone who has an respectful attitude towards others and is honestly interested to find a fair solution. I also assist cases where self-justice has already been done, maybe having lead already to legal consequences, when after our assessment talk I am convinced that the anger about injustice done to oneself or loved ones has been too big to bear with. I understand that when no reparations would or could be ever done, especially for men some injustice cannot be just accepted. I won’t judge but am only interested in finding a fair solution. 

Warm Regards
Dr. Antonia Loeschner