My Philosophy as Personal Development Coach for Life Transitions

A Warm Welcome!

My name is Antonia, I am a socio-cultural anthropologist and certified mediator, and I have been following my call of assisting other people with their personal search for true happiness as life-transition counselor since 2014. Hereby the focus of my life-transition counseling is on personal development coaching for life and career transitions.

My philosophy and approach as personal development coach for life transitions is shaped by my own experiences with personal development as an introvert intuitive feeler, my professional education, and my belief that we can only be happy if we stand by who we truly are and not what others – even our loved ones – need us to be. 

For as long as I can remember, I have been aspiring to improve my understanding of myself and others. This wish led me to educational choices that allow me today to assist you as personal development coach with your life transitions in their whole complexity, considering equally your cultural, psychological, social and individual needs. 

Because I wanted to get a deeper understanding of the cultural influences on human beliefs and behavior, I studied socio-cultural anthropology & comparative religion, and graduated with a doctorate. Thus having seen the universal importance of considering the needs of all parties for successful communication worldwide, I afterwards did an 1,5-year-education as a certified mediator in order to be able to support conflict resolution in a need-oriented way. Thereby I’ve attained a wide repertoire of techniques and skills (such as empathic/reflective listening, needs clarification, nonviolent communication) that now allows me as life-transition counselor to professionally assist you with tackling your life challenges in an empathetic way.
My intense study of personality typologies based on Carl G. Jung enables me to assist you according to your personal needs based on cognitive functions. Furthermore, through participation in training courses on poetry therapy at the European Academy for Biopsychosocial Health (EAG-FPI), I have expanded my repertoire of useful techniques to also address hidden strengths in a more creative way.

As socio-cultural anthropologist & certified mediator working as an international life coach for life and career transitions, and through my travels in the USA, Asia and Europe, I’ve gotten in touch with manifold cultures and experienced diversity of cultural needs first-hand. This allows me to gladly support most diverse life plans and goals, provided they involve an all around respectful attitude towards other people and the world as a whole.

As personal development coach for life transitions I offer you assistance with discovering and considering your personal needs and hidden strengths in order for you to have a life that really suits you and makes you truly happy. It would be my pleasure to accompany you on this journey of discovery!

Warm Regards