Conflict Resolution Counseling

My Conflict Resolution Counseling offers assistance with getting new perspectives on seemingly unsolvable conflict situations and supports my clients in making use of all their available individual ressources in order to find a solution that gets them justice as they deserve.

Assessment call

Since conflict resolution counseling always requires a relationship of trust, the first step is to arrange an assessment call of about 20 min. This will allow to clarify the approach that would be needed to taken in each individual case. 

Conflict Resolution Counseling Session

During a conflict counseling session, according to the individual needs of my clients and their cases, I will refer to a combination of techniques such as mediation techniques , personality typologies that use cognitive function based on Carl G. Jung, imagination exercises and simulation exercises. The first session will be always 90 mins. My experience shows that within this time frame it is garantied to reach satisfying insights that lead closer to the solution or, depending on the complexity of the subject and my client’s pre-knowledge about the issue, even to the solution itself. 


The first session is always 90 mins for 120 Euros, all taxes included.
Any following session, if required, will be 60 mins for 80 Euros,
 all taxes included.
Online conflict resolution counseling sessions are taking place via zoom, skype or other video call software.
In order for easily converting the price in the currency of each country, I’ve included a link to a currency converter: Currency Converter


As certified mediator, I have committed myself to treating any information strictly confidential. My Conflict Resolution Counseling usually takes place one on one, so that my clients don’t have to deal with the person who did injustice in person. 

Cases that need to be addressed by including other parties, for example when courts are already involved, are a special situation that would require the development of an special plan and would also need another pricing that would be arranged and agreed on before starting with conflict counseling.