Worldwide Personal Development Online Coaching for Life Transitions

  • You have the feeling you are heading for burnout and you would like to find ways that better consider your personal needs and strengths?
  • You experience recurring conflicts with your family of origin, romantic partner, in-laws, children, relatives or friends and you would like to find a solution that truly feels right for you?
  • You experience recurring conflicts with co-workers, colleagues or your boss, and you would like to better understand the causes of it in order to take a prudent decision?
  • An accident or illness has changed your life and you need some perspective on how life can continue by making use of your hidden strengths?

When we are facing challenges, in order to find solutions that feel absolutely right with us, we need someone who listens empathically without judging us, who respects our true feelings and who considers the complexity of our individual needs with regard to our cultural, social, physical and psychological background.
My worldwide personal development Online Coaching offers you assistance with getting new perspectives on your current life situation and supports you in making use of your personal strengths. Intuitively you are already holding the solution in your hands! Together we will work on setting your potential free so that you are able to truly follow your heart and take the steps that are necessary for it. 


Free Get-to-know Call

Since life coaching always requires a relationship of trust between coachee and coach, we will first arrange a free call of about 20 min.

This will allow us to find out together if I will be able to help you with your challenge and you will get answers to your questions about me and my approach.

To arrange an online coaching session, we either can schedule an appointment during the free call, or you can still take your time and come back to me as soon as you feel ready for it.

Online Coaching Session 

During your online coaching session and according to your individual needs, I will refer to a combination of techniques such as mediation techniques (empathic/reflective listening, clarifying, open-ended questions), nonviolent communication, personality typologies based on Carl G. Jung, imagination exercises, simulation exercises and poetry therapy.

The time of the coaching is supposed to be a time where you can solely focus on yourself. Ideally the online coaching session takes places for you in quiet surrounding, without interruptions and with the privacy that you need. I have realized for myself that the warmth of a hot beverage like a cup of tea adds a nice feeling of comfort, so maybe this works for you too. Important is that you create an atmosphere that feels right for you.

Since I only will be able to consider your individual needs with regard to their cultural, social, physical and psychological context when we assess them together during our talk, the first online coaching session will be 90mins. My experience shows that within this time frame we will be able to reach satisfying insights that lead us closer to the solution or, depending on the complexity of the subject and your pre-knowledge about the issue, even to the solution itself. 

The first online coaching session is always 90 mins for 120 Euros, all taxes included.
Any following session, if required, will be 60 mins for 80 Euros,
 all taxes included.
The online coaching session is taking place via zoom, skype or other video call software.

In order for you to easily convert the price in the currency of your country, I’ve included a link to a currency converter: Currency Converter

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Directly to the contact form

As life-transition counselor with focus on personal development, I see it as my responsibility to support you on a holistic level. That’s why, if I would get the feeling that your conflict or problem might have underlying causes that fall in the area of competence of a psychotherapist, I would feel responsible to talk with you about it in an empathic way.
In case you wish for professional assistance with clarifying your needs in order to find a qualified and suitable specialist in your area, I would be happy to assist you with this task as well.

As certified mediator, I have committed myself to treating any information confidential. Only if you feel like involving a loved one would help you, we could do a coaching session together with her or him. But usually the sessions take place one on one.